6 responses to “CASL – The Campaign to Abolish the Schizophrenia Label”

  1. Rodney Salvage

    I believe not only for schizophrenia but for all DSM classifications.

  2. Rodney Salvage

    Not only for schizophrenia but for all DSM classifications

  3. Initially NO

    Abolish psychiatry along with it, lest they make up more ways to enslave people as human laboratory specimens in their torture experiments.

  4. John

    If calling someone a name that makes them or their family and supporters feel sad or bad- or causes them to be treated in a way other than normal or less- by others- then its fair and right-for them to not be called names, and for the people using them, to desist when their asked to- I took them to court for using names- the court gave us a hearing- but also denied it happened- its a long story- but the best thing about it all was what the judge said– She said – I cant legislate for Decency- if i could i would- man my heart blew up like it never had- don’t know if id ever been so happy- but of course had no power to stop them using their language. But she completely understood what we were saying and she 100% agreed– that made it worthwhile.

  5. John — just a link to— Renaming schizophrenia: a Japanese perspective- (“Togo Shitcho Sho”)- much better.

  6. Brenda Simon

    I think you are all very brave regarding your campaign.
    I too think that the term ”schizophrenia’ is abusive to the person suffering the symptons under the umbrella of schizophrenia.
    In Japan, they had campaigned regarding changing the name. They consequently won and now the word ”shizophrenia” is never used.
    It would be so marvellous if this could happen here.
    B. Simon

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