3 responses to “Out Now: New Edition of Bestselling Book – Models of Madness”

  1. angelo arecco

    Hi Jacqui, I would be prepared to translate this book “Models of Madness” into Italian, since I know and appreciate you and John. But:
    1. Who owns the copyright for translation?
    2. I would need a digital electronic copy of the book on which I may overwrite translation.
    Let me know by email if this idea is viable. Finding a publisher is another story, but I think Marcello Macario and myself could ask the house who accepted to publish “Living with Voices” in Italian. All the best. Angelo Arecco

  2. Judi

    Hi jaquie,

    Models of Madness is a great book. Thank you to you and John for writign it.

    How do I claim my 20% at Routledge?


  3. Bill George

    Make sure you acquire the second edition of Models of Madness as it contains more input from Jacqui herself.

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