An editor of 'Models of Madness' Dr @JacquiDillon tells how she was intimidated and had her twitter account suspended for voicing concerns about a trend of child abusers becoming organised online.

@Geordie19742 But Ed she was just stating facts! And anyway, @JacquiDillon isn’t suspended. Why not? you ask. Well, a white person calling another white person a white pr**k isn’t racist mate, it’s merely impolite... - This is Twitter Ed, impolite is the oxygen of Twitter.

@BeckRdAlliance @JacquiDillon Lol. Good old twitter worked out that a white person calling a white person white isn’t racist 👏🏾👏🏾 that’s excellent. WELCOME BACK DOCTOR D! ✅😍

No you didn't Ed. @JacquiDillon is back online ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊

I'm back! After having my account permanently suspended for calling someone a "white p***k", Twitter saw sense & my appeal disputing any violation on the basis of racism, yes racism by a white woman towards a white man, was successful. Nonces and/or Nazi's will never silence me.

@JacquiDillon was in a running battle with racists. She was fiercely defending the rights of people to feel safe in the country in which they live. Also known as their home. The racists remain, the anti-racist was removed. This is the world.

@TjayJT @66ALW99 @BeckRdAlliance @Twitter EXACTLY, @Twitter! How can MAPS be platformed and protected and TrUmp's stochastic terrorism (and daily harassment of others) be allowed, but one user challenging this kind of behavior, while being harassed daily, be silenced?

How do you justify this disparity, @Twitter?

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