@BeckRdAlliance @lizyeld on why no-one would choose to put themselves through that brutalising & traumatising experience for 'financial & emotional' gain

@BeckRdAlliance @lizyeld further down the thread she again states that Saville was wrongly accused. And that HSA accusers are in it for financial and emotional gain. I don't wish abuse on anyone but i would like to see her experience the court process from the other side to educate her

@Ravie777 @Tiffany44541244 @dappergander @IMMORTALMRSPOCK It's also not true. Jacqui Dillon has never said the abuse she endured was 'Satanic.' People like Tiffany just add that in an attempt to smear, undermine and discredit her valuable work with survivors and professionals working with survivors of ritual abuse.

Nonce defender and wife of a paedophile attacks survivors yet again. What a disturbed and disturbing creature @lizyeld is. https://twitter.com/lizyeld/status/1281645379839303680

Dr Jacqui Dillon wrote about this highly concerning matter You can read it here.


Please read & RT

#Twitter is facilitating the targeting and silencing of working class women, child abuse survivors & campaigners & letting the demons run amok.


These Nonces & those who openly advocate for them have already managed to get Dr @JacquiDillon account suspended. @Twitter @TwitterSupport changed their policy to allow these filth to call themselves MAP's & target & silence child abuse survivors with impunity. 2/

@BeckRdAlliance Tiffany sounds very much like they are trying to convince people that child abuse & exploitation, is just a figment of their imagination & that women & children are never abused.

Now, what kind of person would benefit from convincing people of such a thing🤔💭🤔


Here's a question for @can_bullshit:
Over recent days, I have revealed many details about your parents, friends and accomplices and there is much more to come?
Is there anything I have said which is untrue? Have I got my facts right? Have I misidentified anyone?

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