Many psychiatrists embrace the biological model, yet lament that there is indeed corporatist corruption of the model. But they don’t acknowledge that the dominance of the biological model is entirely the product of such economic forces. It’s a corporatist pipe dream.

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Seems to me that the Roman Church, managed to normalize child rape , to create an atmosphere of tolerance for predators. Perhaps this even trickled down
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@nuwandiss @BeckRdAlliance IF the issue of deaths in the USA due to gun violence really is due to people with #MentalHealth issues, how is it that the Menalth Health systems in the rest of the world work so much better than those in the USA?

Every psychiatrist with any integrity should be calling this out despite their worries about being “political” especially those with influence. It’s truly disgusting for the most powerful man in the world to be spreading misinformation and worsening mental health stigma

“Was our interest in the Epstein case merely a chance to gawk at a monster, and watch the drama as his case wound its way through the system?”

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The lesson of @JacquiDillon v #TwitterPedophileRing:
Pick on someone your own size, age, or species (preferably all 3) to engage in consensual sexual relations with & don't try and gaslight #LGBTQ or any other people that YOU & not your victims are VICTIMS. #CSA #MAP #AnimalAbuse

Twitter has a minimum age of 13.

A glossary of some little-known terms:

- #MAP - "Minor Attracted Person"
- #NOMAP - "Non-Offending MAP"
- AoA - "Age of Attraction"

There's more too. This will get you started.

RT if these people shouldn't share a platform with 13 year olds.

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