If you or anyone you know was abused on Beck Rd, Hackney in the 1970's and 1980's, please contact @LewislegalNW

I'm now on sabbatical until 2019 so will be logging off until then. Laters.

My wellbeing message today to all the activists (regardless of the cause), freedom fighters, change makers and systems disturbers... REMEMBER TO NOTICE THE BEAUTY IN THE WORLD TOO, be absolutely deliberate in doing so.
And have a wonderful day.

Tears in court as 'swinging' sex ring mother admits abuse of daughter #ChildAbuse #ChildProtection #Safeguarding #CSA #CSE #FemaleAbusers #OrganisedAbuse
Well done WA Police to get her there
@Peter_Fox59 @DCKimTaylor @mike_salter @JacquiDillon via @ABCNews

Damning @InquiryCSA report concludes.. 'The child abuse that was being perpetrated at these Abbey’s and Schools was widely known of within the Church. Abuserswere not reported, they were sheltered and were allowed to be free to continue to abuse'

On 11th Sept, we're proud to be launching our Spotlight report on the experiences of LGBT+ victims and survivors of #domesticabuse. The event is being hosted in parliament by @peterkyle and we'll be joined by our research partners @stonewalluk and @GalopUK

Don’t miss @JacquiDillon speaking at #adisorder4everyone

#London in association wth @WomenandGirlsN

#Edinburgh in association wth @SRN_Tweet

#Leeds in association wth @LSLCS

& #Cardiff in association wth @Gofal_

Book via eventbrite link on website

German couple who sold son to paedophiles on darknet jailed

Police launch new probe into #Telford child sex abuse after Sunday Mirror expose #CSA #CSE #SexualAssault #ChildAbuse #Grooming
@BeckRdAlliance @JacquiDillon @SthrnSurvivors @Peter_Fox59 @NSPCC

It’s about time we put victims of #ChildSexualAbuse first
#CSA #CSE #SexualAssault #ChildAbuse
@loudfence @SouthEastCASA @BeckRdAlliance @JacquiDillon @SthrnSurvivors @NSPCC @RAINN @BlueKnotOrg @BraveheartsInc @wellbeingscot via @lancasteronline

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