Our survey of 832 people on antipsychotics, from 30 countries (largest ever) just published. 35% - improved quality of life; 54% - reduced quality of life; 86% - loss of motivation; 85% emotional numbing.
(abstract only)


@Phoebe92987793 Hi.,Agree with @JacquiDillon. The main PTMF document Chapter 8 discusses some hypothetical ways to access benefits that aren’t dependent on diagnosis 297 -299 https://t.co/2TwNz6Rln3 Also see the section on language, main document p. 313-316.

@thesundaytimes giving cred to this vile, hateful thug by calling him a politician. WTAF. https://t.co/RJbBwVkhpz

@MikeStuchbery_ @MerIDiTH_TrUTh @thesundaytimes giving that thug credibility by calling him a politician is laughable and sickening in equal measure. And very telling.

Let's hope the suspension leads to dismissal. This is fucking disgraceful. Pure thuggery. https://t.co/eIyJ2fz3nS

@niferpt @JacquiDillon @EmergMedDr @CMotorola1 I'll bet Dr Mike is also the sort that likes to know the context when a woman is sexually harassed or assaulted. As if it is in anyway going to somehow excuse the behaviour

To anyone telling me that I need the context and full facts to legitimise this, you are unworthy of a response. Nothing makes this treatment of a human being ok. You need to have a word with yourself. https://t.co/eIyJ2fz3nS

@JacquiDillon You are 100% correct Jacqui. It is the sign of a civilised society that expects our police to behave properly and lawfully. Anything less than expecting the highest standards is wrong.

Not an expert. Just a moral, compassionate human being, which you clearly lack. Zzzzzzzz. https://t.co/VM1tEwIx2p

Lol. Some men are very threatened by women. Full stop. Especially if you have the audacity to have, shock, horror, AN OPINION 😱 https://t.co/lIOul8xKV7

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