Recovery, Discovery and Revolution: The Work of Intervoice and the Hearing Voices Movement


Contributors include Peter Beresford, Mary Boyle, John Cromby, Jacqui Dillon, Dave Harper, Eleanor Longden, Midlands Psychology group, Joanna Moncrieff, David Pilgrim, Phil Thomas and Jan Wallcraft.


This book contests how both society and Mental Health Services conceptualise and respond to madness. Despite sustained criticisms from academia, survivor groups and practitioners, the bio-genetic model of madness prevails and therefore shapes our very notions of what madness is, who the mad are and how to respond. This dominant yet narrow view, at the heart of the psychiatric system, is misinformed and misleading as well as fraught with tensions between the provision of care and the function of social control. How and why does this system continue? What can be done to change it?
Encompassing both academic analysis and practical application, Madness Contested brings together nurses, service-users, psychiatrists, psychologists, practitioners, and academics who promote alternative ways to understand and approach madness. Their contributions debate questions such as: What are the processes and forms of power involved in the current system? What interests are at play in maintaining dominant theories and practices? What are the alternative conceptualizations of madness? Can practice incorporate openness, modesty and a desire for equality? The perspectives are broad yet complimentary.
Of interest to all those interested in critical debates and alternative models of madness and mental health care, including: academics, practitioners, service users, survivors, carers, students.
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  1. Mary Susan Haynes
    Mary Susan Haynes says:

    One of my staff members just attended your training in Vermont last week. He came back filled with inspiration and hope. We are planning to get a group started soon, and I’d like to know if there is a listserve set up for people to share information and ideas about Hearing Voices groups, etc. If so, how do I sign up.


  2. Steven Coles
    Steven Coles says:

    It is time for a revolution in mental health, the status quo is not acceptable; at times we should feel shocked by what is offered – concealment of abuse, minimising negative effects of psychiatric drugs, erosion of civil liberties, downplaying the effects of poverty, treating people as objects rather than people, pretending practices are scientific when they are hokum, denying the voice of those already marginalised in society, business interests of pharma distorting knowledge, the powerful who have harmed hidden, legislation which denies basic rights… It is shocking and we need to say NO more, all those who are critical need to speak collectively NO MORE, NO LONGER. Keep up the good work and as a profesional I’ll try not to get in the way and when I can lend a hand Twitter: @Steven_Coles_ Madness Contested:


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