Race & Mental Health

On The Web

The Afiya Trustwww.afiya-trust.org
The Afiya Trust is a national charity that works to reduce inequalities in health and social care provision for people from racialised communities.

Black Mental Health UKwww.blackmentalhealth.org.uk
Black Mental Health UK’s focus is on empowering African Caribbean communities to improve the Black service user experience and reduce the over representation of Black people at the coercive end of psychiatric care.

Suman Fernando, Psychiatrist, Academic and Writerwww.sumanfernando.com
This site provides information on issues around ‘race’ and ‘culture’ in relation to mental health in western multi-ethnic societies, social and mental health care in low and middle income (‘third world’) countries, racism in psychiatry, and the ethics of mental health practice in a multi-ethnic society.

In Print

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